Family challenges and opportunities

Please click on the following link to download the PDF file of the latest GoSpeak report convering the month of August, 2014.


In this newsletter we share news of family challenges and opportunities, as well as information about the Urbanova congregation and the release of the new book.

Please share this report with your Christian friends, congregation, elders, or missions committee members. Also, feel free to print out and post on bulletin boards and distribute to the congregation.

A new couple joins our effort in Urbanova

Douglas and Ludmila
Douglas and Ludmila

A young couple, Douglas and Ludimila, have moved from São Paulo to Jacareí (city next to SJCampos) where his parents live, in hopes of bringing the gospel to their families. There is no congregation in this city of over 200,000 inhabitants.

They visited several congregations in surrounding municipalities. After participating with us a couple of times for Sunday meetings, they came by yesterday, and asked to be a part of the congregation here in Urbanova. We’re delighted to have them. More on them later. Continue reading A new couple joins our effort in Urbanova

Countries reached by The Fellowship Room

Since 2012, WordPress has been keeping up with stats by country. Here is a graphic of countries reached by The Fellowship Room, one of several websites sponsored by the Forthright/GoSpeak ministry.

tfr-countriesThe darker the color, the more views and visits represented. Here are the top 12 countries that have visited TFR: Continue reading Countries reached by The Fellowship Room

Congregation in home makes modest start

The first ministry missions report, in PDF format, of our 30th year of work in Brazil is now available for your perusal and prayers. Click it and read:


It details the first month of the new work in our home, as well as a bit on our trip to the northeast and some prayer concerns.

Please download it and share with your congregation, or just share the link to this post with your Christian friends.



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