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First months of 2019 a whirlwind of work

Taubaté celebrates 15 years

The year has started with great things. A many great things. Read the two-page PDF newsletter full of news and photos of local and world events.


This year begins our 35th year in Brazil, which we’ll celebrate in November. It’s been an amazing experience. We pray that God has been glorified in us.

Here are a few extras not included in the report:

  • I’ve been writing some, by invitation, for the Guarulhos monthly publication for their congregations. Due Apr. 1 is an article based on Eph 5.16-17, “Take advantage of every opportunity.”
  • The Sunday lessons in Urbanova are on the series “How to grow in faith.” Pedro suggested the series. Last Sunday and next the topic focuses on faith in the letter to the Ephesians.
  • The major intersection on our side of town is under construction for a major overpass. It is causing traffic issues. Here and here are visions of what it’s supposed to look like. It is called the Arch of Innovation.
  • We’ve had freaky weather, with driving, pounding rain. My new home office has sprung leaks. Our worker guy has been here three times, got most of them, but last night we had still one leak. Fortunately, nothing essential has been ruined. Yet.
  • Several people are talking about being baptized: Joaquim, Fabiana, Claudia, Carlos. Pray they may follow through and turn to the Lord.


  1. Aida

    Me alegro com vocês ! Muitas noticias e muito trabalho ! Fui muito abençoada ! Agradeço de coração .

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