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33-07: New magazine out, books near finish

Vicki and Randal enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner

Read the latest report of the GoSpeak work in Brazil by clicking here for the PDF file: gospeak33-07.

Here are a few other happenings during the month that didn’t make it in the PDF report.

  • Randal has been visiting the dentist over the past few weeks. He’s free for a few months now.
  • Joel and family took the week of Thanksgiving off and went on vacation to southern Brazil. They enjoyed Iguaçu Falls best.
  • I contributed an article to the December issue of “I Love Jesus,” the monthly magazine of the Guarulhos congregations, on blessings in 2017, the faithfulness of God, and how to be faithful to him. The editor requests my contributions now and again.
  • Since my personal theme for 2017 was love, I’m finishing up the year with a series of Sunday messages about it.
  • New Bible versions are available in Brazil. One is the third edition of an old standard. Another is the Old Testament portion (only online for now) of the Brazilian equivalent to the Easy-to-Read Version.


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