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35 years and counting

Randal and Vicki move to Brazil in 1984.

We passed the 35-year mark in Brazil on Nov. 28. Read more about that in this penultimate newsletter for 2018. And see our “family” Christmas photo for this year. Click here to download the PDF document:


And there’s a lot of teaching going on. Grab those details, plus what’s upcoming, in this two-page report.

Also, here are a few items not in this newsletter:

  1. The Urbanova church committed to funding travel for our sister in Christ, Valeria Ortega, whenever she goes to teach. In December, she goes to a ladies’ event in Manaus, up on the Amazon River.
  2. A Brazilian evangelist died while on a teaching trip in the southern part of the country — at 89 years of age. Brother Adetino was from Salvador and has two sons who are evangelists, one of them in Africa.
  3. We’re reading Jerry Hill’s account of the beginning of their work in Guatemala. Lots of good lessons there. See a few of them on our microblog.
  4. The suspended overpass of the main intersection of our part of the city ought to be finished by the end of Jan., 2020. See recent photos here. We often avoid the bottleneck this construction project has caused by going the back routes.
  5. On our People of God book project, the first major section is now complete. All ten writers have sent us their chapters on I. Their Word, the Bible.
  6. A main speaker for the lectures in the northeast in January was removed. The organizers asked me to take on a second message.
  7. In case you missed me on commercial social media, I’m throwing out thoughts here. You can even join in, if you’d like.

Please share the link of this newsletter with friends and saints you think might be interested, elders, missions committee, evangelists. Feel free to print and post to missions boards or distribute by hand.


  1. David H. Warren

    I remember when you first moved there. I cannot believe that it was thirty-five years ago. Congratulations! And best wishes on the next thirty-five years! My prayers are with you.

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