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Always ready: Travel presented opportunities for Christ

People in transit might be willing to listen to the gospel.

Peter says saints should “always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess” 1 Pet 3.15. Traveling provides opportunities to share our faith, as I recently rediscovered.

My neighbor and brother in Christ, Paulo César, recommended Diogo, a friend of his who drives with Uber, to take me from my house to the airport in Guarulhos. I traveled to the US Apr. 29. Diogo and I talked about his situation and God’s will the entire hour-long drive. I invited him to study the Bible with me on my return May 15.

While waiting in Miami for my flight to Nashville, I met an older Brazilian couple from the state of Acre. We had several hours together, and I helped them as our flight was delayed and changed gates. We talked about the gospel and I explained the principle of going back to the Bible for the simple plan of God. The wife said she had no plans to change religions, but the husband seemed to be more open. I left a copy of Edificação magazine with them.

On the flight to Nashville, I was seated next to a Brazilian woman who lives in Hermitage TN. She was returning home and we talked some about spiritual concerns. She didn’t show much interest, so the conversation didn’t go as far as I’d hoped.

We never know when a door for the gospel will open. Let us be ready at every moment to share our faith.

Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunities, Col 4.5.

P.S. I don’t pay much attention to dates, but I just noticed that I’ve been writing the “God with Us” devotionals now for 20 years, as of March 2019.


  1. As my wife was delivering our third daughter, and as I was coaching my wife during the delivery, one of the nurses asked, “Aren’t you a pastor?” I tried to explain that. A few minutes later she asked, “Which church?” I told her, “Church of Christ.” She thought for a moment, as my wife was in need of my coaching and undivided attention, then the nurse asked, “Aren’t you the ones who don’t believe in music?” About then the baby was coming out and we could not finish our conversation. The cord was wrapped around my daughter’s neck and after cutting it off, the doctor and nurses could not get her to breathe. So all my attention was on the baby. She did finally get her breath and she is doing well in San Francisco, California. Anyway, just like you said, we have to be ready at any time to speak the truth!

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