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A note on baptism, our magazine, and evangelism

Today, for Forthright Magazine, I translated and published an article from our Brazilian magazine, Edificação. It was prompted by a question by a young man about baptism and deathbed conversion. The introductory paragraph of the article translated his comment about what he thought of the answer I wrote.

I had set up to study with the young man last Saturday, but he woke up not feeling well. Pray we can make it happen this week. We had a study or two together before the lockdown was in place.

For the past several months, the magazine has been published only in digital format. We are considering whether to do this from now on or not. I’m not much in favor of it, but perhaps it’s time for it.

We had one congregation to interrupt support this month. Their lack of meeting physically affected their offerings.

Our meetings in our home have just topped the maximum number of 10 that we had set. You’ll recall that we divided into three groups meeting in different homes. But with a new family of four from Brasília participating with us the last two Sundays, we’ve been going over our desired number.

I’ve decreased the number of live online classes from three to two a week. The decrease comes from an expectation of a loosening of the lockdown. Non-Christian visitors are often present for them. I continue doing a weekly video on Saturdays.

The congregation recently helped a couple of our people financially who have either lost jobs or seen a dramatic decrease in income.

Watch for our monthly newsletter around the end of the month, with more information.



  1. Good to read this. Keep up the godly work, brother.

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