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SJCampos and Taubaté among best cities in Brazil

Jardim Aquarius area of São José dos Campos

The city of São José dos Campos was listed as the fourth best city in Brazil, as far as education, health, security, and sanitation. Taubaté was listed in 12th place.

SJCampos rose three positions since the last ranking; Taubaté rose by a whopping 14.

The rankings were published yesterday in the SJCampos newspaper “O Vale”. (Photo, above, comes from same report.) The study was done by consulting firm Macroplan from 2005-2015.

A commenter questioned the ranking because the city is the most violent in our region, and the RMVale region is the most violent in the state of São Paulo. Theft and robbery continue to be a problem.

We began a congregation in Taubaté several years ago. There are two in SJCampos, one begun in our home in 2014.

We worked with the Taubaté congregation for over a decade. It is now led by two Brazilian brothers.

SJCampos is also one of the wealthiest cities in the country. That presents challenges for the gospel. The region has around a million in population. The RMVale region contains 2.5 million inhabitants.

Our efforts have been based in SJCampos since 1995 and have reached across the country and through the Internet.


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