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The big event for this US trip: Last child gets married

Wedding couple and parents

Happy couple and parents kiss after ceremony

Read the following two pages full of good things and photos about our trip to the US during the month of August. Click here to read the PDF file of the GoSpeak missions newsletter, volume 35, number 8:


During our US travels we spoke to churches, made Brazilian friends, visited family, and kept working and writing.

Here are a few more items of note, all worthy of a prayer:

  • Eliseu is in Chile this week on business. He works for Ball Corporation and travels frequently across Brazil and occasionally in South America.
  • Denilson and Francinete, and Gustavo and Malu, will travel to Malta in Sept., for a big trade event connected with Gustavo’s work as a professor of graphic design.
  • Paulo César’s wife Adriana and his parents visited our meeting this last Sunday, Sept. 1, as did Bruna.
  • Paulo threw a fiftieth birthday party for Adriana this past Saturday. We helped him take care of some arrangements.
  • Mary Hughes, wife of Mike, former elder at Somers Ave. congregation, has had some serious health issues. They visited us twice here in Brazil.

What say you?