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Brazilian educational system tilts left


Signs detail bad quality of public schools. “They still want to increase school hours?”

In a recent review of 10 of the country’s government-approved history textbooks, Fernando Schuler, who teaches political science at the São Paulo university Insper, found a predictable agenda. “In every one of the textbooks I read, the slant is clearly to the left,” Schuler told me. “The world is divided as if in a ‘Star Wars’ film into forces dark and light, with social progressives confronting the apologists of international capital and neoliberalism.”

Source: Brazilian Schools Are Ideological Battlefields

We’ve often found it to be true that people hold views favoring leftist philosophy. They don’t realize it they absorbed it in school. Another item to take into account when evangelizing and teaching.

This is what leftists do—take over the schools first. In Brazil they have been wildly successful at it. It appears that in the US they have also pretty much completed the process of takeover.

Christian parents must be aware of such influence. It occurs not only on the liberal west and east coasts, but in middle America as well.

This sad reality made us glad that we homeschooled our children. We recommend that others do it, for a host of reasons, this being one of them.