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What about Brazil’s president elect?

Brazil President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro

I wrote a bit about Sunday’s elections here. Much of what has been written in English comes from a leftist perspective. Silvio Canto writes about the president elect in his American Thinker column and provides some needed balance.

Our sister in Christ, Sofia Newton, wife of our Forthright Magazine columnist, Barry, shared her thoughts on social media. Sofia is a Brazilian. We include her post below, with her permission, to give you a sense of what many in Brazil are feeling.

How would you feel if after you worked an entire month and when it came time to receive your paycheck, you received a notice instead informing your wages would be paid in three installments in the next month? And by the way you are expected to continue working normally with no assurances of future payments in full at any time soon. How would the bank respond to your lack of mortgage payments? Or would your local grocery store allow you to continue shopping there without paying for your grocery bill? How would you pay for your living and unexpected expenses and Lord forbid you became ill and needed immediate health care!? One may say, “Oh, that’s easy! Charge it!” That might be a temporary solution if you have a credit card (and I am not going to cover here the exponential consequences of this action in this example). And what if you don’t have one?

The anger and indignation evoked by this situation is just the tip of the iceberg that makes the case of corruption and mismanagement of government of the largest country in South America, Brazil. The list of misappropriation of funds in nearly every branch of government is over 53 billions of dollars!! Frankly, that is an incredible amount of money. This iceberg of political and social mess is also hard to understand and size up.

Regardless of your native language, let me use an universal picture of what it means to live under such corruption and misuse of a nation’s funds and trust: no house, no lights or water, no food, no gas or transportation; no teacher, no school – forget school lunch; no doctor, medicine or hospital; no security or justice, but lots of crime and say goodbye to your retirement pension. Need more?

Add a picture of the emotional consequences of it as well: discontentment, hopelessness, vengeance, despair, distrust, anger, hate, discord, etc. Did you feel indignation rise in your guts? Did you have hard questions in your mind about the situation? Would those thoughts and feelings be stronger if you or a loved one were in this situation? Obviously, yes! You see, everybody IS somebody’s mother, father, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, beloved friend, etc.!

Now you are a little bit closer to understand why this past Sunday, spread across the globe, nearly 58 million Brazilians let out a loud battle cry full of patriotism, screaming for law, order and justice to end the many years of financial corruption and moral decadence in the country. I traveled over six hours with three other ladies to vote and be part of this incredible movement of civic duty.

There is no Superman coming. There is no perfect leader. There is no expert with a fail proof plan. There is no man with full control of his tongue and heart, much less a politician.

I do see that there is an imperfect man, elected by the people and along with the people, not only chose to bring God into the national leadership equation but also acknowledged openly his dependency on God’s Word for wisdom and guidance for the task at hand right along with the constitution – unashamedly, on national television. This is a first.

No one man will save Brazil or any one country. Only Jesus Christ can transform man’s heart and make him new again. And God can use whoever He chooses to accomplish His will – good and evil people!

May the Lord surround the new president of Brazil with God fearing professionals that already have a life *evidence* of valuing integrity over power, fear of the Lord over money and Godly peace over war. This would be my prayer over any government leader, anywhere!

There is a lot of work to be done to bring this sleeping, beautiful, powerful giant of a country to successful fruition. Starting with God is a very good beginning.


  1. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aida

    Simplesmente perfeito. Ela sabe traduzir com elegância o que está no nosso coração e nossa mente. Obrigada, Randal. Você, sempre se superando, né ? Valeu mesmo.

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