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From breakfast to Bible study

After moving back from Rio in December last year, Humberto began a small group Bible study in his home in the small city of Tremembé, next to Taubaté. He didn’t have much success with invitations.

So he copied the brunches  Vicki and I have hosted in our home. He and his wife Aline invited a young couple who are neighbors to breakfast.

When the couple saw that thanks was given to God before eating, they began to ask questions.

The couple had been to a number of churches and come away frustrated with all of them.

So that led to an evangelistic Bible study.

This week, Lord permitting, Humberto will be doing one of the final studies with Cesar and Eliane.

Pray they may accept the gospel and be glad that the church of the New Testament still exists.


  1. Such a simple act, the giving of thanks. One never knows what good they are doing just by doing the humblest of things. God bless their efforts!

  2. Cheri Deaver

    Great news! May God continue to bless them with wisdom as they study with this couple!

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