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Bruna baptized and enters Christ

Bruna was baptized Tuesday, Feb. 25, after she and Vicki renewed their studies the previous day. See the video below.

Bruna’s first introduction to the gospel was at the NovaFit gym, through Paulo, who was baptized in February of last year. He has encouraged her during the whole process of her conversion.

She began studying with Vicki last year, but a quick trip of Vicki’s and year-end activities interrupted the studies. But Bruna had been thinking about what she had studied.

They resumed studying Feb. 24, and afterwards Bruna announced her decision to follow Christ.

She has participated in quite a few meetings of the church and was present on Sunday, Feb. 23.

Before Bruna’s baptism, we read Scripture in our living room together, Paulo and I encouraged her to faithfulness, she gave the first of hopefully many good confesssions, we sang songs about the new life in Christ, and prayed.

Below is a photo of Vicki and Bruna studying together late last year.

Bruna is in her mid-20s and single. She works at a nearby business and lives just a few blocks away from us.

The day Bruna was baptized was the Carnaval holiday here in Brazil, known for wild partying. In her case, it was a day of spiritual redemption.


  1. Thanks and glory to God for his wonderful gospel and for this precious obedience! Vicki must be very, very happy as all of us are! Please encourage our new sister in Christ!

  2. Aida

    Welcome Bruna ! Que linda decisão você fez.

    Abraços de boas vindas

    Aida –

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