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In Brazil and around the world



  • Aug 30 — Arrival in USA, time with children in Henderson TN
  • Sep 5 — Open (for trip close to Henderson TN)
  • Sep 9 — Open
  • Sep 12 — Open
  • Sep 16 — Sunday morning, Somers Ave. church, N. Little Rock AR
  • Sep 16 — Sunday night, open.
  • Sep 23 — Sunday morning, West End church, St. Charles, Mo.
  • Sep 23 — Sunday night, open.
  • Sep 26 — Open
  • Sep 30-Oct 3 — Gospel meeting, Sunrush church, Chillicothe OH
  • Oct 5-6 — Return to Brazil

If you’d like for us to visit, let us know. We’d enjoy explaining our work or preaching. We are available to present the GoSpeak work to your congregation, eldership, or missions committee or to share a seminar on “The Jesus We All Need.” If a visit doesn’t work out, we’re available by email, Magic Jack, Skype, or other electronic means.

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