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New conversions fill our meeting space

This issue of GoSpeak newsletter is chocked full of news and information. One is this: Six people have been baptized this year — Jonas was the latest — and higher numbers are maxing out our space. What to do then? (We have a Very Good Idea.)

Also, read about studies, classes, and books lined up to published.

And a special date with a big number coming up next week — besides Thanksgiving. (Hint: It has to do with the map featured above.)

Click here and download the newsletter in PDF format: gospeak35-10.

Also, there is a list of upcoming events, a prayer list, and news of another baptism of interest.

Please share this newsletter with your congregation, eldership, missions committee, and others who might be interested.

Here are a few other items of interest to our work at the moment.

  • Bruno and Fernanda might be moving here next year. He is Marister’s son. She and her husband and daughter moved here this year from the greater São Paulo area.
  • Is this a partial answer to our prayer for more laborers in the Lord’s field? The work is great!
  • Americans are teaching progressive doctrine in Brazil, have been for years. Pray we all remain strong in the true doctrine.
  • Our magazine could use more regular writers. Pray for this, too!

Last, here’s a photo from Jorge preaching Oct. 27 when we had an overflowing house. The quality is poor, so it didn’t make it as a header photo.

What say you?

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