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Will the Bible-word dictionary get finished in 2019?

Read the newsletter for March 31 by clicking here and downloading the one-page PDF document: gospeak35-02.

In this newsletter, read about two magazines in different languages, evangelistic Bible studies in progress, and prayer requests for the weak.

Here are some tidbits not in the newsletter:

  • Ludmila is pregnant and they hope to find out the sex of the child this week.
  • Paulo and I continue studying at least once weekly. He is (1) neighbor, (2) owner of the gym where we work out, (3) close friend, (4) brother in Christ as of a couple months ago. Our topic at the moment is God’s power.
  • Vicki’s mother’s health has taken another dip. Her brother and sister-in-law are nearby to provide assistance.
  • Leila and Ethan go to Charlotte NC for a wedding shower (March 30) at his home congregation (see photo). Wedding date is Aug. 10.
  • Randal teaches a couples meet in the Pimentas congregation Apr. 13. His assigned topic: How to deal with your mate’s imperfections.
  • The outreach studies at the NovaFit gym continue every other Thursday night. Next one is Apr. 4. Pray that people may be touched with the gospel.
  • Exceptionally strong rain and winds caused leaks in the new home office. After four fixes, it appears the water has been defeated.

What say you?