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Does writing matter?

Two people this week have emphasized the importance of writing about the things of God and using our gifts for the Lord.

On Sunday, a brother mentioned his wife was a “fan” of mine. She said she only knew of three people who could write about profound things in a simple way. She mentioned the most popular author in Protestant circles today, a friend she knew who used to preach, and myself. I felt honored. (She wants to see my Choose! book translated into Portuguese.)

A brother in Taubaté mentioned that he visited his mother’s congregation, well established with elders, and was disappointed to see that their church bulletin had no teaching articles, but only information and announcements. In spite of our small congregation, he said, we were much more productive in teaching material thanks to me, and offered me his congratulations.

I don’t mention these to toot my horn (see my perspective here), but to point up the need for good teaching materials in writing. When it’s not present, people feel the lack. Those who have been given the grace of writing must use it to fill this need.


  1. Good words – concur totally.

    • adminJRM

      Thanks, Ron, just now saw this, for some reason.

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