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Douglas teaches and preaches

Douglas is a fine speaker and thinker. He preached Sunday, Apr. 7 (photo, above) in Urbanova and plans to do a follow-up message on the 14th, if his work schedule will allow preparation. His topic was on Philip and the Ethiopian.

Douglas’s father Henrique came to hear him preach. This is the first time his dad has participated in any of our events.

Douglas works in internet services. He recently came to our house and helped us solve a problem with our internet connection. (We paid him in biscuits and eggs.)

Douglas has been studying with his mother and brother for over a year, and over the past few weeks we’ve been going to their home in Jacareí, at Douglas’s request, to reinforce his teaching. His parents and brother live one street over from him and Ludmila.

I’ve been using the study series, “What Must I Do?” (O que devo fazer?) which I wrote some years ago. It is clear and direct and urges a person to obey the gospel immediately.

One good result so far: Douglas’s mother (Claudia) and brother (Carlos) have begun meeting with us on Sunday nights.

Douglas usually preaches when I am traveling on Sundays or on trips to the US. He’ll be the key man when the brethren begin meeting in Jacareí. We’re thankful to count them as friends and coworkers. Pray for him, for his family, and for the plan to start there.

In the photo above, taken in our living room, are, left to right, Claudia, Ludmila, Carlos, Douglas, and Pedro. (Behind Pedro are Gustavo and Malu.)

  • Pray for Ludmila’s pregnancy. (They have one son, Davi.) She is also studying with her neighbor Fabiana. Fabiana and her family have been attending with us in Urbanova for several months.
  • Pray for our son Joel who is in Belém do Pará this week on an evangelistic campaign with a group from the Mt Juliet TN congregation.


  1. Good news from a distant land. Thanks for the news! We appreciate your good works!

  2. Eugene

    Great word of encouragement. I hope he’s edified as much as he edifies through his efforts.

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