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Eliseu and Fabiana baptized (video)

We enjoyed some post-baptism fellowship at our table.

Eliseu and Fabiana are neighbors of Douglas and Ludmila (saints in Urbanova). They live in the neighboring city of Jacareí. They have been participating in our meetings now for some months. Ludmila has been studying the Bible with Fabiana. Douglas has talked some with Eliseu, who travels almost every week in his work.

Douglas and Ludmila have given their neighbors a wonderful example of love and faith under intense trials.

Sunday last Vicki and I invited Eliseu and Fabiana to our home, since she had expressed desire for baptism and Eliseu was willing to accompany her. She is from a Catholic background; he, from the Assembly of God. After the study she decided to be baptized, and after our church meeting, he also had decided.

We used the pool of a neighbor down the street, as has become our custom. Eliseu and Fabiana arrived early and we studied some more with them and explained some of the details of what we would do during the baptism.

Douglas and Ludmila, as well as Paulo, were present to witness the baptisms.

Afterwards, we returned to our house and enjoyed a snack together. (Paulo had to return to the gym.)

See short videos of the baptisms taken by Paulo, below.


  1. Eugene

    Philemon 1:7 !

    You may not be the brother in the direct context of the above verse but the same effect certainly applies to us who got to read this story. Congratulations to all!

  2. May God bless them both as they begin their journey heavenward!

  3. aida

    Seja bem-vindos à nossa família da fé.

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