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Evangelistic book feedback: ‘Excellent results’

Book cover: Original Christianity

From the other side of São Paulo, in the city of Jundiaí, brother and elder Alexandre Pestana wrote to me. The Jundiaí congregation offers public courses through what has been called a store-front evangelistic approach, with public courses.

Here’s what he said about our translation of Joel Stephen Williams’s book, What Is Christianity?, which we entitled Cristianismo Original (Original Christianity).

We are using this book in the school with excellent results, with the more studious students who want solid material. They’ve loved it. Thanks for your work!

The congregation ordered another 100 copies of the book. They had already bought 300 copies earlier.

The book was released 2015 by our Brazilian imprint, Project Reach (Projeto Alcance), with an imprint of 5000 copies. Over 1,000 copies were sold in a prepub offer. We also donated several thousand copies to a state-wide prison ministry.

The book has an evangelistic focus, giving an overview of God’s plan of salvation in Christ according to the Bible.

Over the years we’ve written and published not a few books and courses, as well as Edificação magazine. Our most recent volume was the first volume of a dictionary of biblical vocabulary.


  1. May God continue to bless this work and you.

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