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Frequently Asked Questions, and perhaps some you’ve not yet thought of.

How may you be contacted?

See this page for all the ways you can get in touch.

Do you speak the language?

Fluently. Brazilians sometimes say I speak more correctly than they do. This after years of study.

How long have you lived in Brazil?

Vicki, Micah and I arrived on 28 Nov. 1984. Joel and Leila were born in Belo Horizonte and hold dual citizenship.

How long do you plan to stay in Brazil? Do you think about returning to the U.S.?

We have no plans to move to the US, even though all three of our children are, for now, residing there. For years we’ve said that if the Lord opens a greater door of opportunity for us, we’ll consider that, but for now we don’t see where we could be more useful than our present location.

What exactly do you do there?

We work with the congregation in Urbanova (SJCampos) in our home. We’re also working with some brothers to start a new work in the city of Jacareí. That involves personal evangelism, preaching and teaching, training, etc.

We publish a Gospel-Advocate type magazine, books and studies, maintain several Brazilian and English-language sites, do seminars and workshops around the country (including “Total Transformation” and “The Jesus We All Need”), speak pretty much where invited, such as at the National Christian Workers Encounter and the Northeastern Christian Lectureship.

I also speak at lectureships, forums and retreats in the U.S., edit Forthright Magazine, manage Forthright Press with my business associate Barbara Ann Oliver, oversee and dabble in a dozen other neglected projects like Sermon Lines.

In past years, we helped with the Mt of Olives Christian Camp and the Lar Cristao Christian Home in Cabreuva (associated with Southern Christian Home).

What’s your daily life like?

We’re out some nights for studies and classes, Saturdays are busy with ladies’ and mens’ meetings and studies. Sundays we’re at Taubate in the mornings and Urbanova at night.

We live simply, are pretty much homebodies when not on errands or at work, eat a modified Brazilian/American/semi-vegetarian diet. We don’t watch TV, but do rent some movies and are voracious readers. We own a small house, a small station wagon, and a ton of books, religious and otherwise.

How are you supported?

A number of congregations and some families send us donations for living and working expenses. The amount varies from year to year, and the buying power fluctuates depending upon the dollar’s trading rate, as well inflation on two continents. We have never lacked for necessities, and the Lord has provided us with sufficient.

How can I keep up with your work there?

Easily, by subscribing to this website (see top side column) or signing up to the RSS feed.

Why the name GoSpeak?

Earlier, we were using the name “Brazilian Zeal Missions.” But today we do much more than the work in Brazil. So when the Somers Avenue congregation assumed oversight several years ago, we felt it a good time to shift gears in the way we present ourselves to others.

Have a question? Ask away, and I’ll get to it.

Partially updated 2021-04-01.

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