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This page gives a brief overview of the Mathenys’ work in Brazil, with publications and through the Internet.


Randal participated in his first evangelistic door-to-door campaign as a high-school student. He made the decision to be a missionary during his first semester at college, in 1975. He has been involved in foreign missions ever since.

He and Vicki have lived continuously in Brazil since 1984 as missionaries inserted into the culture who speak the language of the people. His efforts have included:

  • Personal evangelism and church planting.
  • Christian training in personal holiness and service.
  • Public teaching and speaking in local churches and brotherhood events.
  • Portuguese-language publications, including Edificação magazine, tracts, booklets, and books.
  • Involvement in Christian youth camp, Christian child care, preacher training programs and ministry preparation.
  • Online evangelism and edification through various websites, email lists and groups, social media, and intensive personal contact with Portuguese speakers.

Today, the Mathenys devote most of their time to evangelism, church planting, servant training, and writing and publishing.


Since 1995 the Mathenys have been located in the city of São José dos Campos, Brazil, between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but their ministry reaches around the world through the teaching done in print and on the Internet.

  • Editor and writer for Forthright Magazine, a long-standing online publication often printed in magazines and church bulletins, visited monthly by more than 120 countries.
  • Editor of, an online news source for churches of Christ around the world.
  • Creator and administrator of The Fellowship Room, a group weblog of Christians who post around the clock.
  • Director of Project Reach (Projeto Alcance) in Brazil and co-owner, with Joel Matheny, of Forthright Press.
  • Internet consultant for churches and ministries.
  • Staff writer for The Voice of Truth International, a publication of World Evangelism Foundation, with a circulation of 60,000 in many countries, especially Asia, and for Biblical Notes, edited by Weylan Deaver, for “upholding the right, opposing the wrong, edifying the saints, teaching the word of God, reaching the lost”.
  • Randal’s articles and poems have been published in various poetry magazines and publications like Gospel Advocate, Spiritual Sword, Power for Today, 20th Century Christian, Voice of Truth International, Gospel Light, Bulletin Digest, Sermon Tree and Magnolia Messenger.


Randal works with some 50 different people in various capacities and efforts. He believes in pulling together for greater effect. He’s a part of the Gospel Progress Mission Group, a nascent effort to explore greater cooperation among workers.

Updated 2020-08-23

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