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Weekly evangelistic group begins in Jacareí

Randal and Douglas with brothers from Rio de Janeiro

Randal and Douglas with brothers from Rio

Douglas mentioned to me Sunday, May 15, that he will begin a new evangelistic group on Thursday nights in his mother’s home. She lives one street over from him in Jacareí.

The group is slated to begin May 19.

Douglas has hopes of converting members of his family.

Earlier, two meetings had taken place on Saturdays, the first in Douglas and Ludmila’s home, at which I spoke, and the second, last month, in his mother’s house. The idea was to do this twice monthly. Saturdays proved not to be a good day, however,

The group will meet from 7-8 pm.

This is the first regular weekly effort in the city.

In our region, several home groups meet during the week:

  • Tuesdays—
    • Tremembé, Humberto’s home.
    • Eugênio de Melo, SJcampos, Carmita’s home.
  • Wednesdays— Urbanova, SJCampos, our home.
  • Thursdays—
    • Taubaté, Ricardo’s home.
    • Jacareí, Douglas mother’s home.

These groups are designed to provide a postive atmosphere for non-Christians first introduction to the gospel.

A number of individual evangelistic studies are also ongoing. As well, monthly fellowship and training meetings occur among the Esplanada, Taubaté and Urbanova congregations.

We’ve been praying for years for a congregation in the city of Jacareí. Please pray with us that the Lord will use these efforts to that end.

What say you?