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Holidays, lockdown, and intensive work

A Christmasy spot on our new bookcase

Your prayers and support make possible what we do. May our Lord bless your faith and work in his Kingdom. We give thanks for our fellowship in the gospel. Please share this with others who might be interested.

Urbanova congregation

Just a reminder: We meet in our home in the Urbanova area of SJCampos. When the lockdown came, we divided our group up into three smaller groups, to meet in homes.

  • Vicki set up a study with a new visitor Dec. 20. She and Andrezza will begin studying Tues. Andrezza is a new student of Paulo’s at the gym and he studied with her once there and invited her to our meeting.
  • We’re broadcasting our Sunday meetings via Jitsi. Some nine or 10 were online for it Dec. 20.
  • We had a record number Dec. 13, since the lockdown began. Some of the Satelite group met with us, plus a Christian couple who live in Canada, to make 17 total. It’s a large number for our living room, considering the lockdown, but everyone seemed to be comfortable.
  • The two Sundays previous to Dec. 20 Paulo and Bruno preached and both did great jobs.
  • Our home renovation has almost finished, and none too soon for our mental health. The renovation opens up more space for our meetings.
  • At the gym we had the second and third lessons in the 5×5 evangelistic series on Dec. 3 and 17. At the latter, we talked about the steps to salvation. One gym student participated briefly. We had 6-7 present via the Jitsi software, from several different states.
  • The biweekly gym study is slow to restart, considering lockdown, virus fears, and, now, holidays.
  • Paulo and I have studied together every Saturday thus far this month, on the topic of suffering.
  • Pedro and I studied once as we’ve been reading through the book of Job.

Brazil publications

  • December’s issue of Edificação magazine was published early in the month. Its theme is the letter of 2 John. We’re 10 for 10 for the year.
  • We’re reformatting the magazine to go all digital in 2021. This is the first change of the format in several years.
  • Books galore are in preparation, among them the dictionary of biblical vocabulary, a book by Barry Newton, and others.
  • We’ve been using our digital hymnal since June. This month we’ll offer it to others on a subscription basis.

Please pray

  • For our (physical and spiritual) families’ work and wellbeing during the lockdown.
  • That all the saints may remain faithful during this period of isolation.
  • That more may study and be saved.
  • That Paulo and family may find another house to rent.
  • For our continued level of support from kind congregations and friends.
  • That Vicki and I may remain well in health and heart, for uninterrupted service.

What say you?

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