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How are we doing in the coronavirus crisis?

They say this is what the virus bug looks like

Several friends have asked us how we are doing in this crisis. Like many countries, Brazil has clamped down on travel, business, and group activities. As of March 24 no assemblies are permitted, so the Urbanova congregation may consider breaking up into two or three smaller groups. More on that later.

Vicki and I are well. Pray that we continue so, since the health system appears to be nearly overwhelmed already. People are seeking out doctors and hospitals as much out of fear as anything. Though it seems the reaction is exaggerated, we are avoiding public contact.

Vicki asks for prayers so that her anxiety level remains low. She has quit watching or reading information about the virus. There’s a flood of it being passed around.

We are avoiding eating out. This has created more work for Vicki. I have my home office, so we’re fairly well self-contained. We are staying close to home and for now are content to do that.

There are a few items that have sold out here and there in the markets, but most things are still available. No run on toilet paper here.

There are some people in the city who have been diagnosed with the virus, but we don’t know of anyone personally.

We pray that this moment will prompt many to seek the Lord. This may be a wonderful opportunity to teach others the Good News of Christ.

Thanks for your concern and your prayers. We are grateful to have friends and supporters who keep in touch.


  1. fd4tht

    Glad to hear you guys are doing well. Give Vicki my love and we are praying for her. I personally had much anxiety over this for several weeks as I steeped myself in enough research to keep my family safe and informed. Now that we’ve prepared as best we can, we wait it out at home. God bless you. The work goes on.

  2. Its’s still amazing how God blesses the body of Christ no matter where it is located. Be blessed brother.

  3. Christine

    Thank you for the update! God bless your work there.

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