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Itinerary for August-September 2010

This is our updated itinerary for our furlough and ministry-partner search, during our stay in the USA from 4 August to 21 September. You can see we’re very available to speak to churches, elderships, mission committees and Christian families.

This will probably be our last effort to replace lost funds before 2011. Failing that, we’ll work to become, in part, self-supporting in order to remain at our post. If you are interested in working with us, now is the time. Contact us today, by email or other means.


  • 4 – Wed. – ARRIVAL in Little Rock AR, visit to Somers Ave. congregation
  • 8 – Sun. 4:30 p.m. – San Antonio TX, Macarthur Park congregation
  • 9 – Mon. – Maxwell TX, visit to World Video Bible School
  • 11 – Wed. – Denton TX, Sherman Ave. congregation
  • 15 – Sun. – Chandler OK church
  • 18 – Wed. – N. Little Rock AR, Levy church
  • 22 – Sun. – Madison AL church


  • 12 – Sun. Allenville GA
  • 21 – Tues. – DEPARTURE from Little Rock AR for Brazil

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