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Urbanova: Jonas is baptized for the forgiveness of sins

We read more about baptism before the actual moment.

Jonas is a young man who comes from the south and is living with relatives near our neighborhood. He began working out with Paulo who talked to him about the gospel. He expressed an interest in being baptized, which he never had the opportunity to do.

Paulo studied with him last Friday at the gym. (He has this “bad” habit of doing this.) Then I studied with Jonas on Saturday for two hours. He himself commented on the evils of religious division.

We had hoped to have the baptism Sunday, but it didn’t work out. He was present for our Sunday meeting last night.

Then today, after reading more about baptism and the commitment of Jesus’ followers, we heard his confession of Christ. We took him down to our neighbor’s pool and baptized him. We will continue studying together.

See the video below of the moment.


  1. Thanks be to God for the gospel that takes an honest heart combines it with faith and yields an obedient SON!

  2. tony hoover

    So very thankful for Paulo and happy for our new brother in Christ, Jonas. May God bless your efforts in His kingdom!

  3. Aida

    Que fantástica a conversão do Jonas. Que testemunho perfeito de vocês. Deus seja louvado. Seja fiel, Jonas. Sua família de Brasília te dá as boas vindas.

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