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Learning better to give glory to God

Glory and glorification are often nebulous concepts for us. We’re not accustomed to verbally giving glory to God, even when our lives and work in Christ are glorifying him.

Some months back, I decided to give more attention to this on my personal site. As of yesterday, 165 posts had been made with the tag “Give Glory.”

On rare occasions it might take a poetic form, but usually it’s three to five prose lines directing attention to some characteristic or action of God. Sometimes a scripture reference is given, when the doxology is based on a Bible passage.

Here’s the entry for Dec. 25, 2015:

Give glory to God for sun, moon, and stars which mark for us times and seasons. We praise him for a sense of movement in life, for the forward progress of our souls, for the journey toward eternity. Exalt his foreverness — he who created us and inserted himself into our finite space and time. Blessed be the God who patiently inches us toward the day of final reckoning.

The first one appeared Aug. 28, 2014. The next day I posted an explanation of what they were about.

I post them in the evenings, right after 10 pm, local time. A good thought before pillowing the head.

What say you?