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Short literary chronicles get people’s attention

During Vicki’s time in the US for her mother’s 80th birthday, I fended for myself at home. Sometimes I’d have breakfast of coffee and toast at a padaria up on the hill behind our neighborhood.

One early Sunday morning, on Nov. 9th, I was thinking how I could improve my invitations to my non-Christian address list, sent out by email, for our midweek Bible readings and our Sunday meetings. Just saying “y’all come” with time and place information seemed to be getting old.

I decided to write a short literary chronicle (in Portuguese, crônica), with a spiritual emphasis, but not too heavy on biblical exegesis.

The first didn’t have much of a title, “Having Breakfast Early Sunday Morning.” But then I didn’t have much of an idea of continuing the idea.

But after a good response from friends and brethren, I wrote another Nov. 16, “The Wild Life.”

And on Nov. 23, a third one, “The Sentimental Lizard.”

Then on Nov. 30, with the wife back at home, I praised her in the piece, “At the Backporch Table.”

After reading the second chronicle, or essay, a neighbor wrote me an email and opened up about some issues of his. Pray that this sign on his part leads to an interest in the gospel truth.

After the Nov. 30 piece, a sister in Christ suggested the chronicles be collected and published.

Besides delivery by email to my non-Christian friends, the chronicles are also posted on the Urbanova congregation’s website,

None of these chronicles have yet been translated from Portuguese into English, but one or another may show up in my Final Phase editorial column in Forthright Magazine.

What say you?