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Newsletter: Lockdown changes all, except the gospel

Screen capture of a video Bible lesson by Randal

Randal teaching video Bible lesson in Portuguese

Get up to date on our recent activities, with a lot of changes in our lives and those in our family. Download the PDF file here:


Here are some items not mentioned in the above newsletter:

  • Vicki’s mother is in rehab and may be placed permanently in special care. Her uncle, who lived with her, also had a turn for the worse and is in the same care center in Iuka MS.
  • With the turn toward the internet, I’ve been working hard the last month and a half on an online hymnal. This is a work-intensive project. But our old hymnal, from 2004, needed an update. Nothing better than to do it online, with less cost.
  • Apr. 25, I taught a lesson for the online meeting of the Southeast congregation in Melbourne, Australia, on a Saturday night, which for them was Sunday morning. (Just to be clear: I did not go, nor have I ever been, to Australia, though I’d certainly enjoy a trip there.)

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