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Lunch, brunch, meetings and studies

Our pace has picked up significantly over the past few months. Just in the past week or so we had some upticks.

  • There were our normal meetings: Taubaté Sunday morning, Urbanova Sunday night, and our group Bible reading in Urbanova Wednesday night.
  • Saturday, Apr. 9, we participated in the second Bible study in Jacareí, with Douglas teaching.
  • Sunday, Apr. 11, we had Paul and Katia, from the TortaStore, and their daughter Amanda, for lunch.
  • Saturday, Apr. 16, we had our neighbors Fernando and Elaine, for brunch, to get to know them better.
  • Vicki is giving several English classes during the week.
  • She also gave Bible classes to Jandira on Monday and to Silvia on Friday.
  • The study with Roseli’s coworker, Mariana, scheduled for Monday, Apr. 18, didn’t pan out.
  • Yesterday, we delivered the book, The Right Kind of Christianity, to the printer.

Often, meals or studies last for two to three hours. Today, we plan to have some friends and brothers and sisters over, since it’s a national holiday.

Evangelistic studies in progress:

  • Humberto and Aline, with their neighbors Cesar and Eliane (Taubaté).
  • Ricardo with Emerson (Taubaté).
  • Vicki with Jandira and, soon, with Mariana (Urbanova).
  • Randal with Denilson (Urbanova).

Others are inviting friends and neighbors, as well as talking to some who have abandoned the Way.


  1. Enjoyed reading this, Randal. Thank you for your work.

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