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Malu baptized (video and PDF report)

Vicki and Malu have studied the Bible together for several weeks. After their study Saturday afternoon, June 29, Malu decided to be baptized the next day.

Read this story and more in the latest newsletter, such as our son Joel arriving last Saturday in Belém do Pará to work for a week.


Here are a few items not in the PDF report.

  • I hope to deliver another magazine to the printer this week. This issue’s theme is “The True Grace of God.”
  • The Guarulhos congregations’ monthly bulletin for July features an article of mine on our value before God, based on 1 Jn 3.1-2.
  • Forthright Magazine’s theme for the month of July will be “Power.” Columnists are invited to write on the theme, but are free to choose other topics as well. My editorial will be on power in the letter of James. (Last month’s theme was “Duty.”)
  • The latest book has been well accepted. One congregation ordered 10 copies of “The Greatest Subjects of the Bible.”
  • We’re memorizing a Bible verse a week in the Urbanova congregation. Week no. 26 was Mk 16.15. This next week is Mk 16.16.
  • After I emailed our friends down the street to thank them for the use of their pool, he replied that they were content to have it used for such a noble purpose and thanked us for choosing them. They are not members of the body.

See the short video of Malu’s baptism below.

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