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Randal preached in Pimentas congregation in Guarulhos Jan. 10

YEAR 37, NO. 3 — The new year began with  a boom!

First, Vicki began a study early in January with Andrezza, a student from Paulo’s gym. He had talked and studied with her when she began working out and urged her to study with Vicki. She has visited our meetings at least twice.

Second, I began a new communication channel on the Telegram service Jan. 3 to help saints dedicate their hearts and their homes to the Lord’s service. Called Casa & Coração, it’s a private group to which I post frequent material. It got a boost recently after many Brazilians migrated to Telegram late in the month when WhatsApp changed its terms of service and required users to share all their data with the parent company, Facebook.

Third, I went and preached and taught Bible class in person in the Pimentas congregation in the city of Guarulhos, about an hour away. Topic: The God who controls history. Afterwards, evangelist Valdir and I enjoyed a lengthy conversation over lunch at the nearby mall.

Fourth, we officially launched our online hymnalRiquezas de Cristo (Riches of Christ), on Jan. 26. Outside of our congregation, we’re making it available by subscription. We’ve used it for some six months as a pilot project.

Fifth, on Feb. 1, I released the first book of the year, about stories of God working in people’s lives. Called Histórias do projeto eterno, I include 13 times that people in the Bible learned, sometimes the hard way, about God’s will. I gave these studies about a year ago in our home and at Paulo’s gym. See the cover at the link above.

Sixth, Paulo and I have been studying regularly again on Saturday mornings. (He turned 50 in Jan.) On Jan. 23, Pedro joined us, and the dynamic was … dynamic. Then we had breakfast together.

  • It looks like the idea of the new congregation on the south side of the city may not come to fruition. Some personal problems in a participant have kept it from happening.
  • I’m looking at starting up a weekly study and conversation online during Feb., during a weekday.
  • Am I crazy to think I can release a book a month during 2021, both mine and by others? I’ve worked non-stop the last six months preparing materials.
  • Pray for Hercilia, a neighbor who lives a few streets away. She has participated in our Sunday meetings twice now.
  • Our state and city bounce back and forth between phase colors of the Wuhan virus. We’re in red right now, so most things are closed. The cure seems to be worse than the sickness. Pray this madness may stop.
  • Pray for our children, in terms of health and jobs. Some are having challenges in these areas. Vicki and I are thankful to be well and stay busy.

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