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Come on down! No visa needed for Americans visiting Brazil

Beginning in June, visitors coming to Brazil from the U.S. for business or tourism will no longer need to apply and pay the fee for visas in order to enter the country. All that will be needed is your American passport and a round-trip ticket.

This easing of requirements will facilitate visits by campaign workers and mission supporters.

So come on down for a visit. It has been quite a few years since any of our supporters have observed our work here.

We have had visitors on business who were Christians and sought out the church, most recently Ron Jackson from Florida and Chris Underwood from Chicago. Ron, who has been a repeat visitor, was here just last month.

And back in the day, we had a couple of visits from Mike and Mary Hughes, from our overseeing congregation, Somers Ave., in N. Little Rock AR.

But no one recently. We’re feeling lonely.

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  1. Aida

    Coisa boa ! Esperamos muitas visitas ! Lembrem-se de visitar a capital federal também !!.

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