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No week is typical

Brunch with friend William

Brunch with William Jun. 10

Sometimes people ask us what a typical week of ours is like. We don’t do typical. Each week brings new experiences and challenges. Here’s what kept us busy during the 23rd week of 2019, from June 2-8.

  • We had brunch Sunday morning at our home with Carlo and Irani, a older couple we met at the gym. Vicki goes all out, with scratch home-made biscuits, bacon, eggs, gravy (made with home-made almond milk), and other sorted goodies.
  • We had low numbers Sunday. I preached on Ezra from Ezra 10.4. See this article for some of the ideas I shared.
  • William Silva from Ipatinga MG visited here during most of the day on his way to visit parents by bus in Ponta Grossa PR. He changed buses here SJC. We took him to the gym to work out with us. (He came back through on his way home June 10—see photo above.) William and family moved to Ipatinga to help begin the work there; he is an IT professional.
  • Vicki finished the revision of the book, Os maiores assuntos da Bíblia (The greatest subjects of the Bible) Sunday night. I made final corrections and tweaks and sent it to the printer Wed. Read about the book here.
  • Douglas and I met at 7.30 am for breakfast Tues. at the bread store to talk about the work and our life in Christ. We hope to do this weekly.
  • Leo started work Tues. removing mold from our bedroom walls and preparing it for painting. We’re sleeping in the guest bedroom. He came back Thurs. for another round of work.
  • Vicki and I renewed our driver’s licenses for another 5 years. That was done on Wed., Thurs., and Fri. (Here, we do the paperwork one day, and pick up the license the next day.)
  • I studied the Bible with Sidney in the afternoon and Vicki studied with Malu in the evening on Wed. These are ongoing studies.
  • We had a Bible study Thurs. 9.30 pm – 10.15 pm at the NovaFit gym. Five were present, one was a first-time visitor. Vicki made brownies for it.
  • Paulo and I studied in my home office Saturday morning from 6.30-7.30, after which Vicki fixed breakfast for us. Paulo is now officially addicted to her biscuits.
  • Vicki and I worked out at the gym only three times during the week.

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