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Edification and evangelism in northeast Brazil

You'll probably see somebody here you know, besides us.

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Above is a photo that didn’t make it into the report, of people eating in Recife on Jan. 20. Thanks to Doug R. for the treat! See who you know.

Here are some recent points not in the newsletter:

  1. Ricardo and Marilia in Taubaté started holding evangelistic studies in their home Jan. 31. They invited me to teach the first study. A very interested couple was present and showed a desire to be more involved with the saints.
  2. Vicki traveled on the spur of the moment to the US Dec. 10 to provide support for a family issue. She was gone for almost three weeks. I suffered in silence.
  3. I got some invitations to eat with friends and brethren around Christmas time, so I was saved from three weeks of straight fasting.
  4. After our northeast trip, I got fever and body pains that lasted several days. It also affected head and throat, so Douglas preached Jan. 26.
  5. This past week we resumed both our Wednesday night Bible readings here at our house and tonight we start again at the gym. Between holidays, vacation month, and our travels, things really slow down in December and January.
  6. The new theme for our readings is “The Bible’s Best Advice.” We started with Jesus’ word in John 6.27.
  7. It’s always a challenge to keep the magazine going forward, especially when so many trips are lined up.

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