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Pedro and Karol baptized

Pedro and Karol were baptized the afternoon of Friday, June 9, in the cold waters of a neighbor’s pool. Earlier, we had a reading and prayer and heard their confession.

Saints welcome new converts

Afterwards, we sang and prayed again, and enjoyed some of Vicki’s special table offerings.

Pedro and Karol (right) with brethren who witnessed their baptisms.

We had studied with them for six weeks before their decision. They are very faithful in the Urbanova congregation’s meetings.

Pedro found us through one of our websites on the internet.


  1. Aida

    Welcome to our family !

  2. Bill mendenhall

    Praise be to God thankful that you were there to teach them

  3. fd4tht

    Awesome News!

  4. Kardn

    So happy for you Pedro and Karol! We are praying for you here in Alabama, USA!! ❤️

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