In Brazil and around the world


What about politics in Brazil?

Fora todos eles! Out with them all! That’s the feeling here in Brazil, which somewhat parallels sentiments of not a few American voters at present.

Corruption investigations continue to unearth tons of evidence against the ruling Worker’s Party. So it started as Fora Dilma, to oust the president. But the (sort-of) opposition party is about as bad. So the impeachment process of Dilma is uncertain, because who wants the other guys running the country? (I’m trying to describe the situation, not express a personal opinion.)

How does that affect the little people like us?

Inflation is up, people in general are worried. Some large protests are taking place in some locations like São Paulo, but life goes on normally for the moment.

  • We pray for the peace and stability of the country.
  • We pray that the unease felt by many might be turned to advantage for the gospel.
  • We continue to reach out to people and show that true peace and security is only in Christ.

Join us in those prayers and in continued support to evangelize and build up the family of faith.

What say you?