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Pray for Wednesday through Sunday events

Randal and Alexandre at Northeast Lectures, Jan 2020

Alexandre and Delta Magalhães will arrive in our home Wednesday, Mar. 11. Alexandre will be teaching and speaking in various places through Sunday. Please pray God will use him to convert the lost and strengthen those in Christ.

See where he’ll be over the next few days:

  1. Wednesday night, he will speak at our mid-week Bible reading group here in our home in Urbanova, beginning at 7 pm. We are expecting visitors from as far as Guarulhos, an hour away.
  2. Thursday night, Alexandre will speak at the Bible reading group held every 15 days at the NovaFit gym, owned by our brother Paulo. The group starts around 9:30 pm.
  3. Friday night, we take them to Tautaté, where Alexandre is scheduled to speak at Ricardo and Marilia’s new home study group. They live on the army base, where Ricardo is a helicopter pilot.
  4. Saturday afternoon, at 5 pm, Alexandre will speak at an evangelistic effort in the Eugênio de Melo district of SJCampos. The brethren in the Eastside congregation have planned this event.
  5. Sunday night, at  7:30 pm, he will preach during our meeting in our home.
  6. There’s a possibility of Alexandre speaking in an area congregation Sunday morning, but that has not been set up at this point.

Alexandre is retired from working in industry. We have known his family for some 30 years and are good friends. They live in Contagem, in the greater Belo Horizonte area, where we once lived. They have visited us with some frequency here in SJCampos. They’ll be staying in our home during this period.

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