Please include these needs in your prayers.

  • Vicki’s mother Jean Cunningham fell again today, for the fourth time, in Iuka MS. She was not hurt, but is still in recovery from her shoulder surgery.
  • Denilson resumed his studies with me last week and has set Thursday for his baptism.
  • Jonathan preached his first sermon Dec. 18 and did a fine job. May it be the first of many, especially in the new work in the city of Jacareí, when it starts.
  • Pray for the growth of Edificação magazine. A new issue is out, featuring 12 facts about Jesus.
  • Pray that we may get the four books we’re working on finished. Two are in Portuguese, two in English. Two of them are nearly done.
  • A number of people, including neighbors, have visited our meetings recently. Pray that they may follow the Lord.
  • We’re still making adjustments from our loss of funds back in June. We’re thankful for several congregations who helped make up a part of the loss.