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Join us for Prayer Writing Month in November

We invite all our friends to join us in Prayer Writing Month, beginning today.

This is the third year we’ve done this.

You can participate by writing a prayer every day on your website or on the Believing Prayer Journal forum.

Meanwhile, we’ll be writing a prayer a day on the main site of BP.

If every day is too much for you to write, try it every other day, or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Or even once a week.

But maybe just a single line or paragraph a day will do you.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do.

  1. Subscribe to the Believing Prayer site.
  2. Add your amen, your comments, or your prayer in the comments section after each prayer. There’s a reason why we don’t stick an amen at the end of the prayers there.
  3. Write prayers on your website and tag them with #PraWriMo. If you don’t have a site or prefer not to, use BP’s Prayer Journal. Let us know in the comments below where you’ll be writing your prayers.
  4. Share these prayers in your social media accounts.
  5. Use some of these prayers in your congregational bulletin, pin them on bulletin boards, print them out and share them, use them in public prayers.
  6. Use these prayers in your personal and family devotions.
  7. Copy and send these prayers by email, or send a link to a specific prayer, to people who might be helped or encouraged by them.


What say you?

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