Here are some people and needs to remember in your prayers over the next few days.

  1. Douglas and Ludmila brought Liz home Sat., after the newborn’s heart surgery. They live in Jacareí and meet with us here in Urbanova.
  2. Pray that people who have heard the gospel will decide to follow the Lord, Anibal and Ana Paula, among them.
  3. Pray that new converts may not be distracted by the world, discouraged by trials, or disheartened by bad examples.
  4. Some new books are nearing completion. Pray they may see the light of day.
  5. Pray the Lord may send workers into our region, RMVale, of 2.7 million inhabitants. We have so few Christians and congregations in the 39 municipalities.
  6. We’re grateful for the unity of the church in our region. Pray we all may grow even more in love and fellowship.
  7. Our sister in Christ Aida C. in Brasília just returned from working with the Brazilian consulate in Malawi. She asks for prayers for the poor saints there and also for the conversion of her parents.
  8. Our sister in Christ Karen D. in Tennessee asks for prayers for her friends Larry and Jacquie to whom she is introducing the gospel.
  9. Vicki’s uncle Harold Murphy is scheduled to have knee replacement surgery Mar. 21 in Mississippi.