Please remember these people and needs as you have opportunity during the week:

  1. Emerson was immersed Mar. 26. Pray for his growth in faith and good works.
  2. Vicki is scheduled to speak at regional women’s events in April, June, and July. Locations are SJCampos, São João da Boa Vista, and Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, all in São Paulo state.
  3. Son Micah and Valerie’s baby is due in July. So far the pregnancy is going well. The boy will have two older sisters to pester.
  4. Pray for people who are having their first contact with the gospel. In the past days, I’ve handed out a number of “Eternal Purpose” DVDs to Christians and those outside of Christ.
  5. Amanda, Anibal and Ana Paula’s daughter, will take the first phase test for her lawyer’s license Sun., Apr. 2nd.
  6. Son Joel and his family hope to arrive in SJCampos mid-July for an extended period. Passports are in hand.
  7. Denilson and Gustavo, both of the Urbanova congregation, are looking for jobs in their area of study.
  8. Daughter Leila is in Los Angeles, Calif., for spring break, with her roommate at Freed-Hardeman University, at the home of a fellow Chorale member.
  9. Vicki’s uncle, Harold, was not able to have knee surgery last Tuesday in Mississippi, because of a persistent lung infection.
  10. Chris Underwood returns to the US Mar. 31, after three months working in SJCampos at the Embraer facility. He spoke to the Urbanova congregation Mar. 26 and is scheduled to teach Mar. 29.