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Prayers 27 October 2017

Randal helped appoint evangelists in Pimentas earlier this year.

Early next week we hope to have a long-due report posted. In the meantime, please pray for these needs and requests, as you are able:

  • Vicki’s new business had a good start last week. She’s making brownies, muffins, and other sweets. Please pray this effort will supplement our income in a good way.
  • Joel, Tansy, Eden, and Judah are doing well after moving here in July. Pray their year here will be positive for them and helpful to the church, as it has already been.
  • Pray I may keep the Edificação magazine up to date, as well as finish some other publishing projects.
  • Before our short trip to the US, we started, and resumed afterwards, several Bible studies. We’re studying with Pedro’s mother in his home. Vicki is studying with a neighbor, Adriana, and I’m studying separately with her husband Paulo. Pray they may come to faith.
  • I go to speak Sunday morning, Oct. 29, in the Pimentas congregation, in the city of Guarulhos, an hour’s drive from here. The requested topic is divorce. Pray the teaching and preaching on this subject will have good effect there.

We’re thankful for your partnership in the gospel.


  1. John Henson

    Praying for all these items and more.

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