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You can read what Brazilians do

On occasion, I translate into English items that I’ve written in Portuguese. One example is my editorial published this morning for Forthright Magazine, “Better to have never been born.”

The article was written for today’s meditation on the Brazilian devotional site, “Deus Conosco,” or “God with Us.” This site has over 3,000 views per month. In the meditations, we often link to our online study for conversion, which is also available in English here.

This year on “Deus Conosco” I’m working from the theme “Christ Is All,” highlighting the words, miracles, prophecies, and work of Christ.

Our materials are used in articles, bulletins, classes, and sermons by brethren across Brazil. They’re often shared with others.

They also reach non-Christians. One family has been meeting with us recently because of our Internet work.

Pedro and Karol, with their daughter Luara, are a young couple who are seeking how to reconcile their religious differences. He is Catholic; she is Protestant. They met with us again yesterday (Mar 12). We certainly have a solution for them, to be Christians only!

Because of recent funding losses last year and in January, we’re curtailing some of our efforts. But we continue to do what we can within our means.

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