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Short list of recent efforts

David Pharr's book for new converts: The Beginning of Our Confidence

What have I been up to lately, things maybe I’ve not mentioned in monthly reports? Here’s a short list.

  • Translating David Pharr’s book for new converts, The Beginning of Our Confidence. As of today, 29 chapters of 49 are done.
  • Maybe a couple of times a week, I send an email to all my non-Christian friends and contacts about our meetings.
  • I’ve intensified the Portuguese-language devotionals on the Deus Conosco site, writing 15 so far this month (in 21 days).
  • Picked up again João D’Arc’s book on 1 Cor 13, Agápe: O Amor que Transforma, to finish reading before our trip to the US in Feb.
  • Kept a good schedule of my “Front Burner” items for 2016, writing prayer, praise, and poetry. Reevaluating for 2017, but still writing in these areas.
  • Shared several dozen of the recent magazine issue on Jesus with non-Christians, as well as the book, Cristianismo Original.
  • The next issue of the magazine is almost finished, featuring the book of Jonah.
  • Revived the UPLift motivational email on a twice-weekly schedule, missing only one issue since its start-up Nov. 1, 2016.
  • Maintaining a vigorous email correspondence with brethren in Brazil and beyond, answering biblical questions, providing information about congregations, and exchanging ideas on kingdom work.

For additional recent efforts here, see the monthly reports.

What say you?