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Recent facts about Brazil, SJCampos and church

5 minutes from home: How the "Arco da Inovação" will look.

Here are some recent events, figures, facts, and revelations from our side of the globe.

  • The RMVale region where we live, with 39 municipalities, has three major exports: airplanes (Embraer), petroleum, and automobiles (GM and Ford). In the first quarter of 2019, the total from these three came to almost US$562 million.
  • We’re avoiding the major intersection on our side of the city. They’re building the “Arch of Innovation,” two overpasses held up by cables. Construction is making traffic difficult. (See image, above, of how it ought to look.)
  • Brazil’s president says we’ll not have daylight savings time this year.
  • SJCampos has two rugby teams. It will host a world junior rugby tournament this year. This in the land of soccer.
  • Douglas and Ludmila discovered Friday that their next child is a boy. Their son Davi will be happy.
  • Three people in the Urbanova congregation suffered foot injuries recently. Our sofa attacked my little toe, but it wasn’t broken. D. Francinete suffered a broken foot. D. Ritinha fell while in Chile and bruised her foot.
  • I spoke Thursday night at the gym Bible study about the true grace of God involving faith and baptism, 1Pe 5.12; 1.3-9; 3.17-22. A first-time visitor got it and observed his religious tradition didn’t teach that. We pray he seeks more knowledge.

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