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BBQ for region’s 30-year mark, special lessons by guest speaker

Saints and friends at 30-year BBQ

The gospel penetrated our Valley area in Oct., 1988, when two Brazilian families were sent from the state capital. (Vicki and I arrived in SJCampos in 1995 from Belo Horizonte, to contribute to a small effort already begun.) On Nov. 15, Brazil’s Proclamation of the Republic, we celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the church’s start here.

We rented a venue for the day, about five minutes from our home. Douglas‘s wife Ludmila planned a barbecue that went off exceptionally well. Afterwards, four men spoke between songs and prayers. Ten non-Christians joined us for the day.

Two of the oldest converts, Paulo Lelis and José Roberto (shown below, right), from the East Side congregation, spoke about their spiritual journey.

Douglas (above, center), from the Urbanova congregation, lead our singing.

Above, participants listen to one of four speakers during the afternoon. One of the four was Alexandre Magalhães, from Contagem, in Minas Gerais state, who encouraged all to be faithful and to take the first step in sharing the gospel. Alexandre and his wife Delta were visiting us over the extended holiday period.

I spoke last, on three important principles for going forward, with the 30 years behind us.

Two days later, on Saturday night, in our home, Alexandre spoke about the importance of evangelism. Ricardo and Marília came from Taubaté for that:

On Sunday morning, Nov. 18, Alexandre spoke to the East Side congregation, now meeting in the Eugênio de Melo district, in Paulo Lelis’s home. We accompanied him and Delta:

Alexandre taught the Bible school hour and also preached:

We ate lunch together at a buffet that Alexandre likes, about five minutes from our home.

Sunday night, Alexandre preached in the Urbanova meeting, in our home. We had 24 people present.

The last few days encouraged the congregations and offered a vision for the work that the Lord Jesus Christ gave us to do. For that we are thankful.


  1. fd4tht

    Love the photos – and the effort, even more. I love the casual atmosphere among the saints. As you are. I love hearing you talk/write about your work there.

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