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Sermon series on death of Christ does double duty

Except for a couple of times in Urbanova when Douglas has preached, I’ve been sharing a series of sermons in both Urbanova and Taubaté on the death of Christ. The series began Feb. 7.

The series has been well received. It has helped us to center our faith more firmly on Christ.

Here are the titles of the eight topics delivered so far, over the past nine weeks:

The Death of Christ as …

  1. Our Motivation.
  2. Our Example.
  3. The Blood of the Covenant.
  4. The Fulfillment of the Will of God.
  5. Our Message (in two parts).
  6. The Realization of God’s Plan.
  7. Suffering with Purpose.
  8. An Act of God’s Love.

Other topics in mind to preach as a part of this series are:

  • The Way of Obedience.
  • Our Sanctification.
  • The Paradox of Life.

Do you have suggestions on topics to include (along with suggestions on biblical texts to use) that would enrich this series?

What say you?