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All old studies resume after US trip, new one possible

It’s almost unheard of. Often, after a pause, people lose interest. But after our return to Brazil, all three of the people we were studying with picked their studies back up.

  • Vicki had two studies with Bruna during our US trip, and she has returned to study and has been present on Sundays as well.
  • Pedro Otávio returned to his former religion and quickly saw that it really didn’t offer what he was searching for. He and I have studied twice since our return. The second time he started talking about immersion.
  • Sidney also returned to our studies together.

These are all personal studies to help them reach a decision about obeying the gospel.

It’s been helpful, of course, that Paulo has been at the gym with all three encouraging them and insisting they continue.

Last week, he also took the initiative to encourage another student of his at the gym to study. Pray that Giselle may set up a time with Vicki when her children are at school.


  1. Praying for their continued success and deliverance.

What say you?