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A study to fit each individual’s need

Vicki and I with Paulo at his gym, after one of our studies.

Not every series of Bible studies prepared for evangelism fits every individual. Few efforts are a one-size-fits-all. Over the years we’ve developed several types of studies. At this link a few of these studies are mentioned.

The latest report mentions what we and other saints have been studying with others. You can read it by clicking below to download the PDF document. It’s short—one page—and takes just a couple of minutes to read.


Please also note the prayer requests at the end of the newsletter.


  1. My comment is GOD BLESS YOU Randal and Vicki for your long time faithful and fruitful service in Brazil. I always look forward to receiving your reports and your studies and thank God for all. And yes, may God bless you as you travel and in all you do for HIM.

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